Our approach is unique, combining six components to deliver you an incomparable blueprint for success


Pragma differs from other counter parties as we are independent, have interests aligned with clients and we are a free agent.

Interest Alignment

We seek for alignment of interest thus we seek managers that invest in their ownfunds just as we invest in our own funds.

Apart form interest alignment, it also encourages investment excellence.

Unique Network

We only select the best managers, the Champions.

In all the cases, reference and access to the very talented is only achieved through our extensive global network of contacts.


We operate with the highest integrity and professional standards.

We adhere to uncompromising ethical standards, offer complete transparency, no conflict of interest and confidentiality is paramount.


We apply our proprietary R=L2+C3 risk management framework systematically to all asset classes represented in the portfolio.

We consider that all the key risks are not only related to investment risks but also operational risks are critical in a successful investment. That is why all the operational due diligence of investments is conducted internally.

Track Record

Pragma has an experienced, diverse and accomplished investment team.

The firm was established since 2001 and has a proven track record.

Pragma inherited the DNA of the decades of entrepreneurial activity of its founders.