About Us

Founded in 2001 by a European family, Pragma is an independent and FCA regulated Fund Manager based in London.


We provide comprehensive multi-asset investment solutions to families, high net worth individuals and institutions, covering both discretionary and advisory services.

Our main objective is to find the “Champions” to protect and grow capital. Why choose us: we are independent, we focus on interest alignment, we operate with highest integrity, we have a unique network, we are experienced and have built up a good track record since our start in 2001.


Our Objective

Pragma’s objective:

Find the “Champions” to protect and grow capital.

Who are the “Champions”:

The “Champions” are the most talented managers in the world, who can exploit their exceptional skill in an inefficient competitive environment.

Our Objective

Qualitative construction of the “Champion hypothesis”:

We seek to identify the following characteristics that shape the mind and the instinct of our “Champions”: • Absolute Return Mind • Systematic Approach • Alignment – Of intelligence and experience with what they do – With investor’s interest • Successful Professional History

Our Objective

Confirmation of the hypothesis through facts and data:

• Measurement of the risk factors of the manager under Pragma’s proprietary risk framework • Background verification, portfolio analysis and track record quantitative analysis • Fully integrated Operational Due Diligence • Assessment on the present position in the cycle and on the future of the opportunity set